Stay Positive!

You must remember to stay positive. No, this doesn’t mean that when that person cuts you off in traffic or you endure some other inconvenience, you can’t get upset.  Change a catch-22 into a Lucky 24. It just means, let it go as quickly as it happened. It does not benefit you to remain negative.  Negativity is a heavy emotion.  You need to stay light to keep going up in this life.  There will be many traumas that act as anchors but your ability to stay calm is the magic of staying positive. Remember, there must be a point at which things turn around.  That is the nature of how life flows.  Waves go up, they come down.  Leaves grow, they fall down. Things have the right to be frustrating, as things have the right to turn around. Stay positive, it attracts the light.


Written by: Blake Anthony and Dianna Cannes-In-house content writer and producer for Blake Anthony, Inc./Blakewood Studios.