The Blake Anthony Foundation, Inc.

Event Allocations

(501c3 Tax#26-1712976)

24% Illinois and Florida Flood Relief, Maui Strong
Fund and to the Israel/Gaza War Relief Fund (equal split).
24% To the Lucky 24 people (24 total) who purchase the event via Pay Per View.
24% To creating 24,000 jobs in Florida and Illinois.
24% To health (social/medical) awareness projects
(health awareness TV/films, events, women’s patient
assistance, etc.).

4% Blake Anthony, Inc. for production.

The Blake Anthony Foundation, Inc.’s 7-in-1 project and apprenticeship program entitled “Nail Guns Over Hand Guns” will create 32,000 jobs and 24,000 permanent jobs for minorities (Women, Blacks, Latinos, and Asians) and Veterans in Illinois and Florida. Said 7 in 1 project consists of an entertainment district with a film and TV studio, an entertainment hotel, two manufacturing plants, an entertainment museum, a STEM School of the Arts, and a Women’s health center in each state.


Blake Anthony Foundation, Inc. has implemented entertainment, manufacturing and the construction process in ways to carry out the mission for the betterment of the youth and adults via redeveloping (mental and social) through a practicum of discipline and hard work via our “Nail Guns OVER Hand Guns” apprenticeship program and 7 in 1 project. The 7-in-1 project will create 32,000 jobs and 24,000 permanent jobs for minorities (Women, Blacks,Latinos and Asians) and Veterans in each state (Illinois and Florida) through the profound development of a peerless entertainment district that consists of a film and TV studio, entertainment hotel, two manufacturing plants, an entertainment museum, STEM School of the Arts, Women’s Health Center, and entertainment magazine within the “Blakewood” entertainment district.

Participants will learn basic standards of employer expectations, preparing them for the realities of the working world (6 hours a day) and basic non-violent problem-solving skills (2 hours a day). Each apprentice will receive a $24hr training wage and $30hr completion starting wage. Training and job placement give young people and adults a practical working environment in which they can apply said academic skills of Math, Reading, and Writing along with social problem-solving. Two fundamental objectives of the “Nail Guns OVER Hand Guns” program are “job & social problem-solving readiness.”

With Blake Anthony (entertainment) and Jack McKinney, Sr. (construction) overseeing such, graduates will be prepared to enter the construction and entertainment fields at the apprentice level but equipped with years of experience in personal and business tools to succeed and progress moving forward.

With many cities and state-owned eye sores (buildings, houses, vacant lots, etc.) within the community, such will be donated to or bought by the Blake Anthony Foundation, Inc., redeveloped by said practitioners, and put up for purchase. Some properties will be sold to the practitioners. Each apprentice that works on said project will receive 24% of the sale of the property (s) site they worked on (Equally). The 24% profit-sharing process nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit essential to reprogramming and empowering the youth or adults with many economically viable tools they can use for their community moving forward. Said establishes a sense of pride and ownership through entertainment, rehabilitation, and/or construction to rebuild the communities in which they live and/or work.

Said practitioners of the “Nail Guns OVER Hand Guns” program will use that power to forge relationships that benefit youth and/or adults to assist with policing in the communities in which they live and/or work. Blake Anthony Foundation, Inc. will invite political and community leaders to sit in such classes and/or construction sites to see from their eyes and ask any questions about their thoughts on such live training and operation. Activities like these will have the added advantage of redeveloping the community, political support, and forging new partnerships moving forward.