Stay Healthy! Be Happy!

Stay healthy.  This is not about salads, although it can be.  Healthy is all encompassing: Mind, body, and Soul. Go to therapy: Psychiatrist, Church, a best listening friend and/or from within conversations with steady slow breathing.  If you need medicines, take them. Eliminate your body and mind from toxic food and/or people.  Negative people are not toxic unless their negativity is unwarranted.  Some negative people can spark a positive charge in you in-which will fuel your positive forward movement.  Feed your body with nourishing things because it is kind to you and wouldn’t you rather a kind experience than a rude one?  If your’re into, speak to your guides, your food, your god.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are loved.  Stand in the nude and feel your whole body.  Stimulate your brain with slow breathing, literature, art, and new experiences.  This is the recipe for healthy or what can otherwise be known as happiness.  Life is better when you are free of ailment, whether physical or mental.  Healthy is the secret and energy in your pursuit to happiness.


Written by: Blake Anthony and Dianna Cannes-In-house content writer and producer for Blake Anthony, Inc./Blakewood Studios.