Don’t Be Afraid To Be Great!!

It’s easy to choose a mundane life.  There is no shame in it.  It is the average life.  Average equals to the ability to raise the bar in your fearlessness.  But imagine, choosing to be your most dynamic self is the choice within your brave bandwidth toolbox.  Imagine stretching yourself across the vast variable human experiences.  Imagine commanding your reality to be great because of your pursued greatness.  Reflecting on the lives of historical revolutionaries or celebrity, you ask yourself if mundane is all you want.  You do not have to be a world renown celebrity but one can be a household hero.  You can master a skill. You can juggle multiple responsibilities.  The point is, YOU CAN!  Great, is a choice, driven by discipline and curiosity.  Be not deterred by the fear and/or anxiety of creating a new reality or pursuing a new endeavor.  You have to decide if what you want is greater than your fear or anxiety.  These are natural human emotions, but do not let comfortableness keep you in a mundane trap, should you want more in this life.  Do not make excuses.  Excuses are tools that build bridges to nowhere.  Decide right now that you did not come to be humbled by life but to humble the trails that came to break you.  You are dynamic and capable.  Do not be afraid.


Written by: Blake Anthony and Dianna Cannes-In-house content writer and producer for Blake Anthony, Inc./Blakewood Studios.