Do What You Love. Do Not Lose Yourself!

Many people believe that “do what you love” pertains to just career choices. It’s time we understand that many of us will not have glamorous lives. Sometimes, it is a matter of trying on different lifestyles, but one must remember to not lose themselves.  There is much temptation in this world but you must understand that if you know yourself, you cannot lose who you are regardless the environment or situation. This is why we put the emphasis on “do what you love” because love will be your lighthouse in the murky waters of life.  If you move with the intention of love then you do not have to fear making a choice that abandons your core self.  Doing what you love does not have to come at the expense of joy and longevity. It does not have to come with extreme sacrifice.  Don’t leave Earth with the regret you never tried to be true to yourself and/or tried to pursue your deepest desires.


Written by: Blake Anthony and Dianna Cannes-In-house content writer and producer for Blake Anthony, Inc./Blakewood Studios.